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Before I explain what this is…I’d like to explain why? Although I love seeing posts by my friends on here….I feel tumblr is boring now, and the only times I’ve gotten into it was when I’d write something….plus I’m tired of scrolling through porn pixs. That is all. 

Experience “dazedelight”

dazed.The state of being overwhelmed / (days) Reoccurring day

delightA high degree of pleasure or enjoyment

I’d like to share this with you as a daily enriched insight. It took a while for me to get this into fruition with fear after always being criticized. I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m trying to be some bullshit guru, wannabe philosopher, life coach; whatever. Clearly, it doesn’t matter. I don’t expect you to flolick around and be immediately enlightened after the overflow of motivating content in dazedelight, but I do intend to do it for myself. While writing has become an outlet of expression for me, I’ve utilized my passion for progression, and in reflection to contrive THIS.

We’ve all had low points in our life, where we’ve felt the most shitty, and later lead to temporary satisfactions. The lowest point for me was my first years moving to Hawaii. I knew no one and hated life. It was so dramatic (we are all dramatics!) For this first couple years I focused on all my dissapointments and didn’t do anything about it. Guess what? Nothing changed. It sure as hell don’t happen overnight but the day I decided to take affirmative action on how I was living, I made it a point to truly live my life. Every thought and feeling that made me believe I had nothing ceased to exist, and it was the random daily delights in life that moved me and made me appreciate much more that changed everything. Years later in today I realized everything I wished for then has come true, in time, and looking back during the times I was so depressed in living, I now become depressed at the thought of not living. It’s crazy! “I am on a HI (Hawaii/high)!” I’ve adjusted to living here and cannot be thankful enough to be residing in Hawaii’s beauty; what is everyone’s vacation, is now my home. This is what has influenced my “dogma” of TheDailyHI: Living the HI life. I’ve taken advantage of Hawaii and replaced Hawaii’s attractions for my temporary satisfactions; all in which have taken part in being a delight to life.

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Everyday is a Sunday.

Everyday is a Sunday.

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Reflecting back..

I’m a little late on this and didn’t get to write this as soon as I liked, with all the New Years distractions I had in the beginning of the month- which were at most more forms of procrastination lol.

Anyway, I’m proud to say that 2011 was definitely a good year for me. I dived into the year knowing it was going to be the best year of my life yet; I proclaimed it, foresaw it, and most of all committed to fully living it. The power we all have that we fail to recognize, is the power of being the author of our own lives and creating it. What’s holding you back? “Not a dayme thing honay!”

If you don’t know already, I like to write. A lot about reflection, personal growth, and experiences. I am a private person and find writing as an outlet of expression, it releases endorphins, it’s a great catharsis, it is fucking therapy for me man.

As I recollect through what is now considered the yesteryear; it was full of spontaneity, adventure, traveling, near death experiences, rekindling old friendships and gaining new, realizing my self-worth, my potential, and overall finding myself and facing fears. Too cliche?

When the new year came ringing in, I literally told myself that I was going to live this year to the fucking fullest. Period. Not a dayme thing was going to stop me; not money, not who was going to judge me, and neither the rough obstacle course to it. 

First of all, I spent my 2011  New Years in a bar I worked at. It was the first New Years without my family or real friends. My presumed thoughts were how miserable I thought this year was starting off. Who the fuck would come to a side bar for New Years, anyway? Some old perverts who aint had shit to do and would love to spend it with 14 hot girls. That’s who. This is what leads to my hugest mistake of the year that became my biggest accomplishments of the year. Would I take it all back? Absolutely not. Just like what I quoted KRS-One in a book: “Never forget where your come from”. I’d like to butcher that into “Never regret what you’ve done” For what you’ve done becomes a scientific survival technique in that there are certain things you did when you had no success that created your success. Besides all the turmoil in leaving that place, it directed me into what I’m really worth. What I am worth, was not going to be drinks that were going to pay my bills and added luxuries for the rest of my life. Leaving that aside, I’ve rambled about this enough and decay time in pouring back on it.. I will proceed to other triumphs to my year haha. And that was confronting, at a family reunion, a 6 year old extended family conflict that haunted me for years. Nothing like these two dramatic breakthroughs have brought so much relief to my life.

Amidst all the chaos, were the adventures I broke in throughout the year. I was ready to risk anything to the first time evers—  booking unplanned flights and making the best out of that, with the catches in between, going for psychic guidance, getting flown off a moped and getting into a car accident.. but that’s what made me love live a million times more. In what I’ve gone through in that one year, I will bring the friendships I’ve had/made, and the trials and tribulations into another year of maturity. 

I made many mistakes in between the year but I didn’t wait til a new year to come for me to change that. Embrace life and understand that we are constantly born new again. You have the choice in every moment to create that change. The world is truly yours.

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Mamas chinadoll

Mamas chinadoll

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Testing this bad boy out.

Testing this bad boy out.

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The Modern Experience 2k12

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" Bright Lights Bigger CIty ” | Cee Lo Green

So necessary. To the New Year!

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No one makes it out in this life alive. Begin to embrace death and you’ll embrace life. You can buy anything in this world, but time. What’s your New Years REVOLUTION?

Resolutions are overrated and are only determinations. They are good for thoughts of definite or earnest decision for change.. while REVOLUTIONS are a sudden, complete or marked change.

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