ELYSIA GRAE - Jason Tom.

Jason Tom.

For a couple of weeks now, the homie has been reppin Hawaii in the Big A for a human beatbox convention. He’s been featured in local channels and has been making a lot of appearances out in the HI-life for sometime, if you’ve been lucky to catch him. I’ve been amazed by his talents ever since an MJ tribute concert, where I first witnessed his bionically brilliant beat boxin, groovin to movin crafts.

Although I haven’t gotten much status of him since our meet before he left, I know he’s doing what he does best and is empowered by all the support his Hawaii people are giving him. All the ladies love him and your kids will too!

Support the dude, as he’ll be making it back to the islands and selling his shirts upon his arrival. They are kid-friendly, available in most sizes.


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